Too often in education, we fence ourselves into “this versus that” and “us versus them” debates and discussions about what schools should be doing in order to better serve kids. To elaborate, let me toss out a few that come to mind…

Teachers versus Administrators
Reformers versus Unions
Academics versus Artistry
Collaboration versus Direction
Accountability versus Trust
Innovation versus Tradition

My simple point is that none of these ideas are necessarily mutually exclusive. Further, we do harm to our collective creativity and thinking about schools when we see things in these black and white polemics.

Isn’t it time we started blowing up these false dichotomies? I mean, aren’t academics and artistry both really important? Isn’t Randi Weingarten a national union leader and a leading school reformer? Can’t people collaborate to meet the vision of a daring leader?

Its 12:01 EST on October 15, 2010. That’s my challenge to the world for this day – find a false dichotomy and blow it up.

Image from Firexbrat via Flickr

Jason Glass
Columbus, OH