One of the great things about working in education is that you get the chance to meet so many tremendous leaders who are real practitioners of the servant-leadership concept. One of these tremendous leaders is the Executive Director for Battelle for Kids, Dr. Jim Mahoney.

I had the chance to talk with Dr. Mahoney about my “entry plan” for Iowa being to spend a lot of time up front simply listening. He really liked this approach and he suggested to me a structure for these conversations that includes 3 questions for Iowa education:

1. What should we stop doing?

2. What should we keep doing?

3. What should we start doing?

I hit the ground in Iowa this Friday (1/14) and plan to spend the first two weeks meeting as many people as I can, asking these three questions, and listening. I’m going to take the results from this non-scientific “survey” as a qualitative way of getting a feel for the state’s strengths and concerns.

I won’t be able to meet everybody (though I’m sure going to try!), but if you’d like to have your voice included, please comment to this posting with your answer. If you’d rather not have your list be “public,” please send to my state email at I won’t be able to respond until after Friday (we have been asked not to send from these email accounts until then) but it is a safe place for me to collect some information.

Thanks for all you do and I so look forward to listening and learning!

Jason Glass
Columbus, OH