Last month I asked Iowans three simple questions about education.

1. What should we stop doing?

2. What should we keep doing?

3. What should we start doing?

I was overwhelmed with the response. On this site alone, I had 100 detailed, thoughtful, and honest responses. In addition, I had 42 emails sent to me answering the questions and met in person with several groups and individuals who gave me their perspectives on these questions.

I have taken the results and drawn my conclusions on what Iowans told me we should stop, keep, and start doing. I’ve put them together in a Prezi Presentation, which I will use in talking to some groups around the state for the next couple of weeks.

For those who won’t have the chance to hear me talk, I’m pasting the link to my Prezi here. While it won’t be quite as detailed without my narration and weird sense of humor, I hope you’ll get my drift.

Please review, and I welcome your comments and continued thoughts.

In closing, thanks so much to everyone who contributed. I can’t think of a better way to have started our conversation about Iowa’s future.


Jason Glass
Des Moines, IA