Norah and Chase

One of the things I’ve tried to do as Superintendent with Eagle County Schools is walk in the shoes of all the different kinds of employees.  It’s been a great and humbling experience.  So far, I’ve dug ditches, worked on buses, and carved turkeys for school lunch.

Tomorrow, I teach U.S. History to 11th graders at Eagle Valley High School in Social Studies teacher Megan Orvis’ classes.

While this blog typically focuses on my musings related to education policy, philosophy, or a random rant (!) – I wanted to use this forum to post my lesson plan on “An Introduction to Feminism” for anyone of which it might be of value.

The photo is of my children, Norah and Chase, watching the first snow of the year in Eagle.  I thought about both of them in designing this lesson.  I hope they grow up and live in a world with many fewer “isms” in it.

Feminism Lesson

Feminism PowerPoint