I created this web-space for one reason: to give education’s “tempered radicals” a place to talk, share ideas, and organize.

This is not a place for education reform zealots, intent on destroying the American education system and bashing educators.  Neither is it a place for stalwart defenders of the status quo to dig in their heels and refuse any meaningful change.

Urgency and prudence are not mutually exclusive ideas.  We need meaningful and transformative change, but we can do it in thoughtful and collaborative ways that build up instead of tear down.

I am a proud third generation public educator.  My parents gave their whole professional lives in service to kids and schools.  My wife is an amazing teacher and a beautiful person. I’ve got to believe there is a way for this grand and noble effort to grow and change in a way that values educators.

Please join in. Like my friend Phil Onofrio says … Be tough on problems, easy on people.

*Creative Commons site photo by John Morgan via Flickr.